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Work? What do you mean work?

Well, today was my very first day at my shiney new school in it's shiney new building with shiney dew faced art students... help!

Okay, so I knew I'd be buisy, but NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE, mentioned working 10-6 in the shop on weekends. Okay, it's not every weekend... but still!!! I fear this will effect my ability to retain gainful employment. That might be a good thing because I'm taking 18 credits and will have little to no time anyway, and I'm afraid I'll burn out if I work on top of my load, but it would be bad because GREEN IS KEEN, people!

I suppose I could get E to support me, or Billeh, but I have some dignity you know! I don't intent to allow them to support me until we're married. Still not sure which one I'll be marring, I'm sure it will be on the invitations.

Did I mention I had no time? Bye!
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