Arden Fisher (smashingarden) wrote,
Arden Fisher

So I know what you're thinking...

Arden doesn't update her journal anymore. That's not what Arden does. Arden got tired of making fun of people in love with LOTR. Arden can't think of any other reason to write entries. Arden's a douche.


I'm updating... oh yeah! Not only am I updating, I'm making an interesting update - because I'm an interesting person and people want to know the interesting things I do! YEAH! Bo Grumman says I was popular in High School. Take that haters! TAKE THAT! Are you ready to get your mind blown? Are you? You'll think this stuff is made up but it really happened. THIS AIN'T NO JIBBITY JABBITY $7.95 GROCERY STORE CHECK OUT LINE PULP ROMANCE/ADVENTURE NOVEL! THIS IS REAL !!! Are you ready! Too late if you're not, pansy pants!





Sometimes I watch 'The Soup' on E! That guy who hosts it was on Almost Live.
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