Arden Fisher (smashingarden) wrote,
Arden Fisher

Stupid Stupid Stupid

This is either part one or part three of my three part journal entry; The Stupid series. If you count the order you read them in it's probably part one. If you count them cronologicaly it's probably part three. But let's face it, no one really cares.

The stupid series addresses what I would like to be doing with my Spring Break, playing video games. I am not, however, at present playing video games. I am at school waiting for Amy so we can tape the floor, which we can't do anyway because jason won't give us a floor plan. Amy and I were going to tape the floor yesterday but we spent our floor taping time shopping for Mother's Tea stuff. I'm going to be the slutiest Batman ever.

This morning I went to the fancy Library. You know, the one downtown. I did actual school related research!!!

SPECIAL UPDATE: I just peeled half the bloodblister on my left palm off. Ohhh... there goes the other half! My memento of Bethany strike gone forever! END SPECIAL UPDATE.

You may have noticed none of this is about video games. Okay, I'll throw you a bone;

Shadow Hearts II is easy and has a good story. My very favourite type of game!

Amy just called. We will not have a groundplan today. I came here for nothing. Exept we're going to Open Circle to steal some stuff. OMG! Jill just offered us a ground plan! LIFE IS OKAY!
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