Arden Fisher (smashingarden) wrote,
Arden Fisher

I'm Gross.

So then I ended up blowing my nose so much that it bled, and in the process of hacking up blood-mucus balls I sneezed into the klenex. The snot ricoched back onto my face, but I was too feverish to get up and wash it off, so I lay on the couch covered in dryed blood watching daytime televison.

Yes, that story started in the middle, but you didn't really want to hear the rest, did you? I'm betting you didn't want to hear the part you heard. Sorry. It's just I'm feeling sorry for myself and I want as much sympathy as possible. Givemegivemegiveme. Ahh... that's some refreshing stuff!

My mom reminds me that I'm going to Paris in 7 weeks, which is meant to make me feel less sorry for myself. Unfortunantly it's working. I'm just not pathetic enough!

I drempt last night I moved to New York City. Jill and Reed came to visit, and we all hopped in Jill's car for a nice tour. Please read the hillarious dialouge that ensued...

Jill: Where should we go?
Arden: How about the park?
Jill: What park?
Reed: What do you mean 'what park'? Central Park. God, what city do you think we're in?
Jill: Oh.
Arden: She could have ment Staton Park.
Jill: That's not a park.

Wasn't that great? Eh, okay, maybe not, but for some reason I keep replaying it in my head. Maybe it will happen some day.

'What park'? Stupid Jill.
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