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I'm so frickin' cool.

So two weeks in a row the Weekly has given rave reviews to "new" CD's that I've had for a month. Also, my picture is in the paper (it's hard to see unless you know I'm there), because I go to the hip shows. I'm so scene it hurts.


I think I hate it. I'm bored with it all.
I used to be so awesome, I was a complete geek and NO one NO one NO one thought anything I liked or did was even remotely cool. I liked it. I was an individual. Now I can't tell if I'm an individual anymore. Am I doing things because I like them, or because they're cool? Am I caught up in the hype? Do I like converse because they're comfy, or because the hip kids wear converse? Do I like Indi rock because it's the best music ever, or because I have subconscious psychic premonitions that it will soon be validated by an anonymous free newspaper reviewer? There's only one way to tell;

I'm having an immediate emergency purging of cool. I eschew all that is modern, with it, in, scene, or hipster in an attempt to regain my loner identity. Here's how it works;

Arden's Purge O' Rama - Good For The Skin, Good For the Soul

1) Play lots of video games. Not only does it take you conveniently out of your social life, but it also impedes your ability to communicate with others, thus reducing the risk of meeting new people.

2) Take several baths. Bathing is out, showering is in, everyone knows that. Go against the grain. A bath is something you do just for you. It's swell.

3) Only go to mainsteam commercial events, like The White Stripes and Hollywood movies.

4) No music is good music. (Well, okay, I havn't given up music, but I'm only listening to my old lovely stand by's...

-Midnight Oil/ Blue Sky Mining
-David Bowie/ Never Let Me Down
-Smashing Pumpkins/ (insert any album title here)

Ahhh, cleansing!

Hmm... you don't by it? Okay, here's the real deal; I start school (and a whole new bit of life), September 2nd, and I guess I just need a little comfort time. But that's new age, so I had to hide my real feelings in a cloud of jaded hate.

... I bought a Barkista stuffed dog today. It's snuggly.
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